Using clear and simple instructions and yoga techniques for the mind, I will lead you in a personalized and discussion-oriented manner.  You will meditate as a group and then have the opportunity to share your experiences if you choose to do so.  Meditation difficulties and resistance will be addressed and various meditation techniques will be explored so that you may find a meditation practice that works for you.  The goal of this series is to lead each participant to find at least one meditation technique that can be incorporated into a daily meditation practice.


Inner Peace:  We learn to let go of daily worries and anxieties so that we may quiet our mind and experience the refreshing presence of peace and then share it with others.

A Positive View of the World:  By meditation, we are able to see the universal goodness in the world and our oneness with all people.

Inner Happiness:  Because the inner joy of meditation does not depend on the exterior world, we are led to a reliable source of happiness from within.

Improved Health:  As we reduce stress through meditation, we can lower our blood pressure and decrease susceptibility to other stress-related health issues.

Increased Energy:  Although it may seem that meditation is a retreat from the exterior world, meditation can energize us so that we are inspired to increased action in the outer world.

Greater Serenity:  Meditation teaches us to quiet our mind and to develop a sense of non-attachment to useless thoughts and minor irritations.

Connect with Our True Self:  Through meditation, we learn that we are more than just a body.  The divine aspects of our selves and others become more evident.

Concentration:  In meditation we learn to concentrate and focus on one thing at a time, a valuable skill that can be used in all areas of life.


Meditation Course



Meditation is proven to be good for your emotional well being as well as your physical health.

This is a three week course, consisting of a 2 hour class each week. We will not be meditating for the entire two hour period. You may choose to sit on the floor well supported with blankets or in a chair to meditate.

In this course we will explore the benefits of meditation as well as three techniques to help you meditate. You will leave with tools that will support you in making meditation part of your life. You will have a deeper understanding of what meditation is all about. The course is broken down into three classes so that you can get the on going support that you need as you begin your meditation practice.  Find your Self and take that feeling of well being into your daily life.

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Course:  $145.00

Yoga Student Discount Price:  $125.00


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