My name is Patricia C. Allen

You can call me Patty...

I am a Nationally Certified Massage Therapist, CranioSacral Therapy, Visceral Manipulation, Somato Emotional Release and Lymph Drainage Practioner.  I have been a teacher-assistant for the Upledge Institute for many years.   (see the Training Link for more information)

I’m an Advanced iRest® Level II Teacher.  I’m a member of the National Yoga Alliance and a RYT 500-hour yoga instructor.  I have successfully completed 685 hours of Svaroopa® Yoga Teacher Training, Successfullly completed the Svaroopa® Yoga Meditation Teacher training  and successfully completed the Svaroopa® Yoga Embodyment Therapist training. 

I see these therapies and teachings as extremely valuable for anyone who wants to explore and find relief from physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual pain. I found relief after 23 years of suffering with a major sports injury and 12 years of Chronic Lyme disease.   The mental and emotional stress accompanying the physical pain was beyond words. I thought I would have to adjust my life to the conditions at hand only to find there is another way.  These gentle therapies and teachings are a welcomed gift to all that will explore. 

I now teach iRest classes and yoga classes. I also offers private individual sessions of iRest along with my bodywork practice in Scituate, Massachusetts. 

"There is nothing more satisfying than to witness someone finding themselves and coming home."  I feel being able to teach this to others is the best gift I could ever receive.

You may like to know, a little bit about me. I'm married to a talented wood carver and sign painter and great guy. I'm also the mother of two fantastic people. Jesse, my son, and Loni, my daughter.

My interests are many and include: my work, nature, people, biking, swimming, hiking, yoga, singing, guitar, music of all kinds, recording music, carpentry, computers, photography, reading, knitting, spinning, weaving and the list could continue and include just about everything on earth and beyond.

I love to learn just about anything, but the human body and the being inside has always left me in awe. As a young athlete I was always trying to improve my performance with exercise, nutrition and meditation. My entire life I've studied as much as I could. I continue to take as many classes as I can to improve my skills.

My Husband's Web site:

Harbor Sign Company

Truck lettering, Boat Lettering, Carved Wood Signs, Gold Leaf Signs

Some of my favorite books:

Yoga Nidra - Richard Miller, Take a Nap Change Your Life - Sara C. Mednick, Ph.D.

The Promise of Sleep - William C. Dement, M.D., Ph.D.

The Infinite Mind - Valerie Hunt

The Fat Flush Plan - Ann Louise Gittleman, Nourishing Traditions - Sally Fallon,

Mists Of Avalon - Marion Zimmer Bradley,

The Principles of Knitting - June Hemmons Hiatt,

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