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Styles of Yoga

There are many styles of Yoga.  Some of the styles are:  Hatha Yoga, Ananda Yoga (emphasis on meditation), Anusara Yoga (heart-oriented), Ashtanga Yoga (The Power of Yoga, Bikram/Hot Yoga, Integral Yoga (the healing power of yoga), Iyengar Yoga (symmetry and alignment), Kali Ray TriYoga, Kripalu Yoga (the yoga of consciousness), Kundalini Yoga (awakening energy), Sivananda Yoga (encouraging a healthy lifestyle), Tantra Yoga (sensual spirituality), Vinyasa Yoga, Viniyoga (gentle flow), Jivamukti Yoga Gharata Yoga, Svaroopa® Yoga (consciousness-oriented) and  CranioSacral Style Gentle Stress Release Yoga (releasing spinal tensions, opening the pathway for consciousness to unfold)

CranioSacral Style - Gentle Stress Release Yoga

Similar to the CranioSacral Therapy I practice, this yoga is a therapeutic style of yoga that uses familiar yoga poses with the emphasis on precise alignments and support to create a deep opening in the muscles around the spine. Tension in the body begins in the muscles around the base of the spine and then affect the rest of the body. This yoga begins to release the muscles around the tailbone. These changes are then carried through the sacrum, lumbar vertebrae and all the way up the spine through the shoulders and into the neck. As these tensions are released every aspect of the body is affected.  The body feels supple, flexible, restored, and open to the exploration of consciousness. 

I focus on alignment, using props and holding the pose a little longer to help you relax into the pose allowing the pose to have an effect. By supporting the muscle tension, the pose will allow for a deeper release into the tailbone, sacrum and spine.  This style of yoga is very approachable for all ages and body types.  This yoga is not only a therapeutic form of yoga.  It can help many types of injuries and illnesses, as well as bring you deeper inside and show you the bliss of  your own being through the exploration of consciousness.  People without a health issue will also receive many benefits from practicing this yoga.  

You will begin by learning four poses called “The Stress Release Poses".  These Poses will release tensions in the spine resulting in a pain free body. These four poses only take approximately 20 minutes to complete.  These can be done in a chair or on the floor.  If any of these poses present a problem for you, there are alternate poses that may be substituted which achieve the same results. These poses will also enhance your vitality and physical stamina while improving your state of mind which will bring your emotions to rest in joy and compassion.

You may like to register for a Yoga class, or you may prefer to book a private session to learn the Stress Release Yoga Poses.  Call 781-545-5392.

Pose #1

The Gentle Stress Release Poses
Yoga Therapy

Yoga Therapy is a hands-on technique that brings a greater sense of awareness to your body. Yoga Therapy unleashes the body's natural healing ability, which unravels core physical and emotional tensions. Benefits include, sciatica pain relief, migraine relief, improved digestion, back and neck pain relief, more flexibility, better circulation,  increased energy, and a deep sense of peace.  These are only a few of the many benefits that can occur.

What is a session like?

In a private session the client is fully clothed. Clients recline in a supported savasana, yoga's relaxation pose. The therapist places their hands at specific locations on the lower spine back and head to release deep tensions. These releases provide the body with the power to heal on every level. One session can provide changes that could take 3 or 4 yoga classes to accomplish.  The entire session is 1 hour.

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